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Sobre Nós

Before existence, before everything that was created or creation itself, God, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were there merged, one into the other. In the midst of the non-existent, anchored in the uncreated, looking into the vastness of nothingness, They were there and there was between...



Since I was 13 years old I had many strange dreams and thoughts that I always kept to myself. I didn't tell anyone, because they were about death ... Learn More

Débora dos Santos

In the third meeting I attended at relationship place, I got healed from sciatic nerve, and on the day Wagner said that Father was healing a perso... Learn More

Hellen Cruz

Through Wagner's purpose, I had the opportunity to attend the "school" where I learned how to be a true daughter of God and discovered that I have... Learn More

Gisele Melo

I'm Carlos Eduardo, I live in Porto Velho-RO. I have never been personally with my brothers from Relationship Place, but I always accompany them t... Learn More

Carlos Eduardo

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Relationship Environment

It is a place where we learn to be a better human being, to think about others, we learn the characteristics of Jesus and learn to practice them in our lives.


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